Monday, December 14, 2009


Gov't has always told people what they can and can not do over the past years of history.Telling people what sex,they can and can not marry is just plain unexceptable.What sex a person chooses to be with for the rest of there life is strictly up to them.If they are able to have these such feelings why not be able to express them freely,and be able to make the decision wether or not to conseal in marriage.

The fight for equal marriage rights is gaining momentum around the world, with many western countries enacting their own legislation to ensure that same sex couples are given the same rights and respect as heterosexual couples. Unfortunately, there are still many countries where gay and lesbian people are actively discriminated against because of their sexuality. Marriage rights is only one of area in which discrimination occurs, but it is one of the biggest issues that gays and lesbians in western nations face today.

Because our goverment bases marriage beteween a man and a women,they crush the idea that gays and lesbians will have a chance to justisfy there love.I PERSONALY believe that if u are in love and u want to get married to show your love to another person that there should not be a law stopping you.Love is love no matter what the "sex" u choose to be with.Marriage is marriage no matter who u choose to marry.Everones believes should be respected in this so call "free" country of ours!.